New Tattoo :)

Guys!! the internet is working! wohhoo :)
Recently I updated pictures of me getting a new tattoo on my facebook page. However I dind't get the chance to show what the tattoo says.
The design I chose is pretty much like this.
Why Familia? 
-Well, its What I care/Love the most
Why on my side?
- I was told that was one of the places  in which it hurts the most to get a tattoo. So I liked the idea of getting inked something I really love in a place where it really hurts.

And it relates to my  Familia (Family) in the same way; no one / nothing will hurt you like your family will  but at the same time no one will love you like your family does.

When I say family I not only refer to those related to me by blood. I also include all those people I love and care about but that aren't related to me directly i.e Best friends and their families.
Why Nepal? 
Well, I once heard that a guy from Nepal was featured on the famous show "Miami Ink" and when I asked my friends they told me it could be possible for me to get a tattoo by the same guy.
Soon enough, I found out that this guy (Mohan) has been tattooing for the last 20 years and has won many awards for his art.
So why not? we went to his studio (Mohan's tattoo inn) and were told that he was fully booked :/.
But after Sonia had a talk with them (In nepali of course) they said there was one spot available at 10 am, which  we didn't hesitate to take.
Did it hurt?
I want to answer this question before hand because I know most of you are wondering the same thing.
YES it hurt! and a lot hahahahah I'm not gonna lie about it. It went from ok to very painful quite quick.
However, Mohan has a great technique so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.
The tattoo took almost 3 hours. However, we took a ciggie break and at one point the lights went off.
I was super worried when that happened hahaha I was wondering "Shit, now what?"
Luckily they have generators so after 15 minutes we were back on business.
Overall, I'm happy with my new tattoo :) It looks good and symbolises something thats important for me.
Once it finishes healing, I will upload a picture of the whole thing so those who are far from me can have a better look :)

Until The Next Time :)

With Mohan after he finished my tattoo


Nepal Trip Update!

I know I know it's been a while. The internet in Nepal has been playing up recently and when it works, it is too slow to upload pictures (or even to open Facebook).
For those who don't know, I arrived in Nepal on the 1st of July.
Everything has been amazing; The locals I've met so far have been very friendly and luckily enough I've had very good guides to show me around and stop me from getting ripped off.
Which is something that happens very often to tourists.
Nepal relies heavily on tourism as a source of income, so they have different prices for locals and tourists everywhere. For instance, the entrance-fee to a museum would be 60 NRs (approx. .66 AUD) for locals and 800 NRs (approx. 9 AUD) for tourists.
It is kind of fair if you think about it, but once you have to pay for something 10x more the normal price it gets a little bit annoying over time. 
I have visited many places so far and have heaps of photos to upload. However, in order to make my blog more tidy, I'll be uploading the pics from nepal here (http://memitoinnepal.blogspot.com/).
I also have decided to keep the pictures free from photoshop. I'll just adjust the lighting and vibrance (colour) and leave it like that. I want to show Nepal as I am seeing it and not as I want you to see it. 
Now you might be thinking that there won't be much difference between a photoshopped picture and a raw one, but let me show a quick example of how I would use photoshop.

Raw Picture

In case you didn't notice, in the photoshopped picture one column is missing, flags were added and clouds fixed (bottom right corner) . I feel bad having to edit something thats beautiful by itself. However, I will need to adjust the colours and lighting (as I said before) because most of the incongruences between the real scenery and the raw picture's colour  could arise from my camera settings.

Last thing I want to clarify is that only the best pictures will be posted on Faceblog and the rest will go to my other blog
I'm not saying that the other pictures are bad, I'm just trying to keep Faceblog tidy :). 

Pro tip of the day: All my posts and blogs now have labels, so if you only want to read about something in specific i.e Nepal updates, then go to Labels on the right side ((your right))) and then click on whatever you want to read about. 
In case you're wondering, FYI means For Your Information. 

Remember to Stick Around! Pictures Coming up Soon!


Sad News :(

As I said before, everything went ok except for one thing. 
someone stole soniyas Iphone :/ and around 1700 BHAs :( ((approx 60 AUD). 
sooooooooooooooooo, lesson for all of us:

    •  Do not leave your bags unattended at any airport 
    • If you have to sleep in the airport, sleep somewhere near CCTV cameras 
    • trust no one!! *Dramatic music plays* hahahaha jokes. I don't know, be careful I guess? 
    • Do not rely on the airport's security staff, some have proven to be very useless.


First Travel Update!

After a long flight from sydney to bangkok (9 hours) and after waiting 12 hours in the airport, we are finally about to board the plane to Kathmandu :)
 Everything has been good so far. Bangkok airport its awesome and the booze is really cheap! We also bought heaps of chocolates with soniya :D


Thank You Timeline :)

I hated facebook's new timeline so much, that I decided to delete fb permanently and take the time and effort to open (and maintain)  this blog.
I have named this blog Faceblog as its main purpose will be to keep my family and close friends updated with what I have been up to.
Plus since I deleted fb I noticed most of my friends/family did the same. Ergo,  what would be a better way to keep in touch? :)
I did notice that you need to create an account with blogger or google+ to post comments (that sucks) but don't worry! luckily I was a myspace fan once. So I figured out a way to include fb comment boxes! You can use your fb/hotmail/yahoo account.
Anyway, Thanks for taking the time for reading this and welcome to my blog !

I love to post random stuff and sometimes talk about other people.
if you're sensitive about this kind of stuff, please get fucked hahahah
seriously, get fucked.